Rustic Horseshoe Art and Decor by COWPONY DESIGNS
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welcome to cowpony design, handcrafted, rustic horseshoe art "where every piece is as unique as the horse which wore them"

COWPONY DESIGN was started by paul murphy (a creative, talented, retired nurse) and aimee harnden (a creative, talented, high school sophmore). they design functional artistic decor using 95% reclaimed horseshoes.  the shoes go thru a preparation process, but since they are used, there may be an exciting bit of history left in the shoe.  a piece you purchase may have shoes worn by a descendant of the great Secretariat or maybe the famous Leo.  the shoes are left rustic, as are the welds, and pieces are available in a variety of finishes.

about cowpony

our business first started with a request for a horseshoe wine rack. that piece was enjoyed so much it was suggested that another piece be made.  paul then created the cactus sculpture.  from that point on paul and aimee started merging their imaginations with their practical natures.  after being shown how to weld, aimee went from helper, to co-designer, partner, and part time bookeeper.  she now had a way to fund her mission trip, earn some of her education expenses and learn alot about running a small business.  with this pair, new designs are cropping up all the time such as : 

 aimee's garden ornaments 

 paul's table, bench and chair set 

aimee's recaimed, horseshoe nail household accessory pieces

many pieces can now have customized, metal art added to the piece

we will try to keep the site updated with new pieces so please come visit us often. 

This cactus is our logo for cowpony designs. The cactus was the second piece paul designed and the skull represents his dermestid beetles




aimee's first set of garden ornaments


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